Jackie (goldbrokenheart) wrote,

today, i gave up the past...

it kind of makes me sad...

i deleted almost anything that had to do with MCR of my profile. I got rid of all the slash memories, all of the tags of MCR, and most of the community that involved MCR. the only one I kept was my old slash page just for the simple fact of curiosity for others.

it's strange to here myself say that I don't like My Chem. anymore, because if you asked me in January who my favorite band was, I would say MCR so quickly, it was crazy. Now it's like, I don't really have a favorite band. The closest I can say is either Mae or Nightmare of You. But even then, I like just as equally as the other artists I listen to.

I went from being this one-track, My Chemical Romance fan to an open minded, indie-punk girl that listens to anything she likes.

however, i do need to admit that MCR saved me from something that I wasn't and changed my life and really made me who I am today and I've opened my eyes to the world around me, and for that I'm thankful, but a price comes with that. because I open my mind, I realized I don't like their music anymore. it just isn't appealing to me anymore.

I almost feel like I'm abandoning my roots, but I'm not. I'm expanding and growing and to do that, you need to let the stuff you don't enjoy go, otherwise you'll live a lie.


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