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T-shirts anyone?

So I started making t-shirt designs and I was wondering if I threw up the option of selling them freelance and such, would you guys buy them? You can find the designs here on my Facebook.

Just a note, the designs start at Censor Speak.

So yea, feedback?
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so it's that time of year..

My birthday!

okay, so this a day or two in advance, but I don't wanna forget to post ahaha.

So yea, comments? ily all x3 <3
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today, i gave up the past...

it kind of makes me sad...

i deleted almost anything that had to do with MCR of my profile. I got rid of all the slash memories, all of the tags of MCR, and most of the community that involved MCR. the only one I kept was my old slash page just for the simple fact of curiosity for others.

it's strange to here myself say that I don't like My Chem. anymore, because if you asked me in January who my favorite band was, I would say MCR so quickly, it was crazy. Now it's like, I don't really have a favorite band. The closest I can say is either Mae or Nightmare of You. But even then, I like just as equally as the other artists I listen to.

I went from being this one-track, My Chemical Romance fan to an open minded, indie-punk girl that listens to anything she likes.

however, i do need to admit that MCR saved me from something that I wasn't and changed my life and really made me who I am today and I've opened my eyes to the world around me, and for that I'm thankful, but a price comes with that. because I open my mind, I realized I don't like their music anymore. it just isn't appealing to me anymore.

I almost feel like I'm abandoning my roots, but I'm not. I'm expanding and growing and to do that, you need to let the stuff you don't enjoy go, otherwise you'll live a lie.


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Losing it all, 5 pounds a week

So! I've been doing a lot of walking and biking lately for the past, oh maybe, 3 months?


I weigh 190!

I have lost a total of 20 pounds and I'm losing it at 5 pounds a week.

If I keep this up at this rate, I should weigh..

by Warped Tour (August 3rd): 175
by my birthday (September 1st): 150 (My goal!)

wish me luck =DDDD
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dudes! so i found my scale to weigh myself and I've lost 10 pounds! YAY!

See i have to walk/bike to and from school now since we moved and because I live a mile and a half away, the school buses won't come pick me up.

but I've been losing weight! hooray! CAN I GET A WITNESS?!


slap me next time I do that.
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ow ;_;

haven't been on lately. I've been busy with school and i joined marching band in....

-drum roll-


that's right. I joined Colorguard.

And I hurt. A LOT. Seriously. I woke up this morning and my thighs and back hurt so fucking bad. Plus, it's frustrating. I almost stared crying in practice on Tuesday and I actually did cry when I got into my mom's car to go home. I just don't get a lot of these dance moves. But I'm trying. It paid off yesterday because we did a presentation for the Band Boosters (aka the parents) and we were getting whoops and hollers all around.

but yea. that's whats been going down in my life =)
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paramore, kru, and computers!

i just watched the video for That's What You Get by Paramore and wow. Hayley is hot, hot, HOT! Dude seriously, here's how hot she is:

Hayley is so hot that even straight girls say she's fucking hot.


No joke. My friends, Shay and Lindsay, think she's hot. And they are completely straight.

But on a darker note, MY ARM FUCKING HURTS.

I have this horrible bicep cramp in my left arm. I've tried EVERYTHING. Heat, ice, IcyHot, pain killers, etc. NOTHING IS WORKING. IT FUCKING HURTS =(( I did Kru (crew) for the Drama department at school yesterday and I did a lot of heavy lifting and shit like that and today I woke up and my arm hurt and it's been like this ALL DAY.

So back on a lighter note. I got a new computer, because my other one exploded. It's very nice =D I had to redownload Photoshop and all my other stuff and I have to get all my music back too =( But it's okay cause I know I can do it =)


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new layout and HARD CANDY!

So I made my new layout. I love it <3 It's so cute and simple x3

but anyway, OMG I saw Hard Candy and I loved it!

Ellen Page = hot
Ellen Page w/ short hair = ORGASMIC

I don't blame Jeff for wanting to bang her. Damn.

omg, so my friend Sarah has me obsessed with this singer, Maria Mena. She's amazing. Listen to her song Our Battles (click me!)

omg omg omg! I know I'm saying that a lot, but this is just so OMG it's crazy. So I have this new IPod speaker thing right, so that everyone can hear my music. So I was standing with Sarah (Note: She also likes Danny. =D) in this hallway to wait for the crowd to pass and Danny passes through this hall. Well, I was playing this band called The Hush Sound and Danny walks out of the hallway, stops, turns to me and goes "Is that The Hush Sound?"

Me: o.o yea

And then he got really, really close to listen and then he just smiled and walked away. I freaked out when got out of sight and I turned to Sarah and I was, like, "OMG SARAH DID YOU FUCKING SEE THAT?! =DDDD"

Sarah: OMG YES

I was fucking shaking! ahahaha! My hand was having a fucking SEIZURE.

So yea and then later, I was at play practice and I was playing them again because I wanted to see Anna dance and he grabbed my speakers and started dancing with Anna. I was just, like, O.O and then he handed it back. It was crazy.

OMG Also, this girl, Amanda, who works with him told me he works at the Culvers right by my house! I just want to note, I did not ask her, she told me.

Me: o.o Yea.
Amanda: I work with him
Me: That's nice. -not caring-
Amanda: I work with him at Culver's in St. Anthony
Amanda: Yea
Me: O.O I LIVE RIGHT BY THERE. Too bad I hate Culvers
Amanda: You should get a job application there!
Me: -_-; NO

It's funny because Sarah actually is gonna try and get a job there. ahaha. I might go the if she works there ahaha. Go there and see her during her breaks and shit and we'd just sit there and stare at Danny ahaha.

okay I'm done =D

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I cut my bangs cut and...

I don't really like them. They are WAY too short.


Maybe I should've stuck with the side swept bangs.

It is nice though not having to moving hair out of my face every five minutes.

I feel like I'm about to cry. I'm just not enjoying it. At all.